Chair Cane Repair

chair cane repairIf you need some chair cane repair done, I would like to assure you that having caned chairs is probably a good decision from an historical and “keeping things authentic” look, versus getting a different type of seat, and a non cane approach.  Caned chairs are beautiful furniture that many people use to add to the decor of their homes.  Dating all the way back to the seventeenth century, chair caning is a beautiful and one of a kind craft that will give your home or whatever space you use it in, a classic and very versatile look.


Chair Cane Repair

Made and designed by true master craftsmen, these cane chair builders dedicate extended time and great attention to detail, when not only making your chairs but also if they have to do chair cane repair as well.  A good craftsmen will make you some delicate new chairs or put some wonderful finishing touches to antique chairs that might be damaged.

A little history of Chair Caning

With its very popular origin as far back as the Regency era and the fashion influence that came from the East, cane furniture in general, were being produced at its highest quality and going at an exceptional rate.  Now due to the fact that fashion these days are being taken more and more form the Regency era, individuals are using regency style furniture to design, decorate, and give their homes an elegant look that might not be accomplished with modern day furniture.

Chair caning art is extremely fascinating and the cane used to make cane chairs are made from stripped rattan palm and these chairs are normally made in various widths.  However, cane chairs can easily become brittle and breakaway; therefore, chair cane repair is ideal at times to keep your antique cane chairs looking as good as new.
However, to maintain your chairs style and elegance, you will need to take it to a very good chair caner to have them repair it and once the caner is exceptional at what he does, he will be able to use any piece of cane to fix your chair, while still keeping it antiquity and elegance.


Remember that you already have a nice piece of furniture, and that by repairing the cane on the chair, you are keeping and holding the value of that chair.  Too many chairs made today are made overseas and will only last for 5 or 10 years as many people shop for these chairs based upon price alone, and not the overall quality of the chair.  Having some caned chairs in you home, will definitely make the appearance of that room, more interesting, and also keep the integrity and value of the chair.


Chair Caning in Northern Virginia

Here are just a few of the areas that we do chair cane repair and chair seat caning, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, McLean, Great Falls, Ashburn, Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Oakton, Falls Chruch, Burke, Reston, Vienna.


We also do chair cane repair in Potomac Maryland, Bethesda Maryland and suburban Maryland. Although our furniture shop is located in Alexandria, VA, we serve the entire Washington DC metro area for chair caning and furniture refinishing.