Chair Cane Repair Richmond VA

Chair Cane Repair Richmond VA


We also do chair cane repair in Richmond For our Richmond shop, please call us on 804-464-7358. We fix and repair all types of furniture and do chair seat caning here in Richmond.  Our furniture restoration in Richmond makes up a lot of our business but we love caning chairs and do some just about every day.  Furniture restoration and complete stripping and refinishing of fine old furniture is worth doing if the piece either has sentimental value or is valuable by itself.

old caned chair

If you have an old chair like this one, no problem! We can reweave the seat and refinish the entire chair, just depends what you need or want!


Recaning a chair makes good sense if the chair has some value to you or if you intend to keep it. Often, chairs you buy today are not of the quality of the older chairs and usually don’t last very long. Thus if you have a good quality chair and the caning is broken, it usually makes sense to get it repaired. If you are in doubt, just ask us and we will give you an honest assessment of the chair.


We serve all of the Richmond area including Midlothian, Ashland, Mechanicsville, Henrico and pretty much every where else.  We offer pick up and delivery if you have a chair that needs chair cane repair. Call us at 804-464-7358




Our chair caning shop in Richmond does all types of chair repair, including Danish cord, Rush seat weaving, machined cane, pressed cane and any other type of weave you might know of!  We do business all over the Richmond area, including all parts of Henrico and Richmond County, Glen Allen, up to Ashland and down to Chesterfield and Petersburg, Hopewell and more.  If you have any questions concerning any type of caned furniture, please call us to discuss as we’ve done loveseats, benches, tables and more!



Call us at 804-464-7358